Local Gallery Rental

The ‘ living room ‘ of our gallery is an elegant and spacious place with an intimate and friendly atmosphere.

Space is available for celebrations and cultural events:

  • art exhibitions
  • theater
  • dance performances
  • film shooting several videos
  • presentations

The capacity exceeds 50 people.  The lounge is available any day of the week and at any time.  The minimum hours for rent is 3 hour.  For more comfort, the gallery offers organizers of any event tables and chairs for rent for the accommodation of your guests. We also offer live music ( pianist )


Artwork Leasing

Leasing  (renting) art is a smart alternative to purchasing artwork outright.


Not sure what artwork will look good in your home?  Here is our solution.

  • We will send a photographer to your home to photograph the walls of your home.
  • We will analyze the colors of your walls, furniture, carpet and surrounding.
  • We will select candidate artwork and show you how it will look on your wall with our visualization software.

No more need to imagine how the artwork will look in your living room.  The artwork will change the ambiance of the room with its rich color and fantastic design.  You can also add beautiful framing to make the final presentation outstanding.

See the results of the stunning difference artwork makes in your home before you make the purchase.  This is a smart investment.