Latin American Artists were asked a series of questions to help get an insight into their creative minds.  The questions are a starting point. Some are answered question by question and others are combined into an essay style.  Here are the original questions in English and in Spanish:

What is the creative process you use to bring the artwork to life?

Cual es el pensamiento que tienen los artistas cuando deciden iniciar una obra?

What tools and technique do you use: brush type, oil type, knife, spatula, color patterns, layering etc.

Como decides que instrumentos utilizar – brocha, espatula, colores etc?

What type of materials and media do you like to use?

Que te hace decidir la tecnica que van a utilizar?

When do you prefer to paint – night, day?

Prefieres pintar de dia o de noche?

Do you listen to music while painting?  What music?

Escuchas musica cuando trabajan en una obra?

Where do you get the ideas or inspiration to paint?  Does it come from book, a photograph, a model, a dream or imagination?

Como te inspiras para la realizacion de sus obras?  En modelos, fotografias, libros o en su imaginacion?

How long does it take to complete a painting?

Cuanto tiempo promedio te toma realizar una obra?

Are you a perfectionist when it comes to painting?

Eres perfeccionista?

What are you trying to communicate to the viewer of your art?

Que buscas comunicar con tus obras al que la esta observando?

What type of emotion do you experience while creating a painting?

Que tipo de emociones personales tienes cuando realizas una obra?

What is your philosophy of what you try to capture in your painting?

Cual es su filosofia que tratas de plasmar en su obra?

Please describe your studio?

Como es su taller donde realiza sus obras?

Do you have assistance who help create your art?

Tienes otras personas que participan en la creacion?